Photo by Mark Pariani Productions

About Me

It took a while to write this because it had to be me not the mimic’d, over-the-top professional robot that you probably expected. When you finish this you'll know the guy you may choose to come in contact with.

Core personal traits: I wear Hawaiian shirts, am a ridiculously avid motorcyclist, and take photos. Let’s go beyond that.

How did I end up here? Several roads: Crafting with my mother as a child. A love for film instilled by my father. Both parents raising me to love music. Making crappy YouTube videos in my teens. Travel. Architecture appreciation while working construction. With that I have become a dog on the interstate of artistic mediums chasing every car that passes.

Inspirations? The constant evolution of SFX in Godzilla films, the rawness of Mifune Toshiro’s acting, the amazing lighting contrasts in the Alien series, the beautiful color contrast in Blade Runner and Akira, “Beat” Takeshi’s “subtraction” ideology in film directing, the ability to tackle serious subjects via child-friendly medium in Gundam…. These are just a few examples of my constant inspirations. In fact, this About Me was written while watching the original Ultraman. That’s the only way it could be done.

What can you expect during a shoot? There will never be a lack of conversation around me. I love bouncing ideas around and having ideas bounced around by the subject, no matter how crazy or seemingly absurd. It’s all about that teamwork. Through years of projects I have learned that there is no such thing as a “concrete idea” and love to roll with unexpected changes, last minute suggestions, and accidents that happen during the shoot. When a fork appears in the road I take it.

The end goal is always to invoke emotion in the viewer and capture the story of the moment. Film got me into photography so the name of the game is conversation and a good, long stare. Also, more points if you end up using an image as your desktop or smartphone wallpaper.

If you made it this far then we'll get along just fine.

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